another project to tackle

November 2, 2008

since i made it through month one of the 365 project, i figured it was time to take on another challenge, so i signed up for the NaBloPoMo.  it’s the national blog posting month and was created a couple years ago by eden at  i’ve been reading her site for years (god, i wish i could write as well as she does) and i’ve sat on the sidelines for the last few rounds of this monthly challenge, watching it all play out in front of me, but doubting my skills as a writer and in my identity as a “blogger” in general.  i have a blog, does that mean i am a blogger?  do i have to sign up and learn a secret blogger handshake?  to i have to pass an admissions requirement?  so.  that’s that.  i signed up.  now i have to figure out what to write about.  my husband’s family is coming to visit this month.  they usually provide some good material to work with, and a ton of laughs while they’re here.