on our wedding day, two and a half years ago, i vowed to cheer with my husband when the steelers win and give him space when they don’t.  

it would have been a loooooooooong and lonely night tonight if the steelers had lost the super bowl.  

to celebrate their big win, let’s take a look at my itty bitty steeler fan cheering on her favorite team last season.  awwwww.  we’ve been trying to get her to say ‘roethlisberger’ since her birth.  we haven’t had much luck with that one, but we’re still working on it. 



November 8, 2008

ahhhhh…..i’m sitting at a coffee shop with a cup of tea (which, sadly, is over-brewed and bitter) and my laptop.  alone.  after a week of solo-parenting i need this break.  i realize that millions of parents go at it alone, day in and day out, without the support of a partner.  i couldn’t do it, and it have tremendous respect for people who do.  whether it’s out of choice or necessity or just the end result of an unfortunate series of events, being a single parent must be the hardest job in the world and i pray that i never have to do it for more than about five days at a time.  i love being a stay-at-home mom, but i also love the moment when my husband walks through the door in the evening to help take over some of the parenting duties.  days always seem a lot longer when he’s out of town.  

i am extraordinarily blessed that i have the opportunity to stay at home with my daughter and be there for her every single day.  i am extraordinarily blessed that my husband and i were able to make this choice; i know that for many families it’s not even an option. 

there’s a delicate balance between venting frustrations and complaining and i use this blog to do my fair share of both, but i never want to come off as ungrateful.  my life is pretty darn good and i am always more acutely aware of the need to express my gratitude after my husband has been gone for a week.  certainly there are days when our interactions are snippy and my patience is short, but, damn, things are so much harder when he’s gone.  

so, to my dear husband, thank you for working so hard to support our family and supporting my dream of being a stay-at-home-mom.  i know you make huge sacrifices everyday, and that your job has more stresses than joys, and i don’t always do enough to show my appreciation for all you do.  thanks for bringing home the bacon, and doing it without complaint.  you are a damn good man, a fantastic husband, a kickass daddy, and an amazing partner.  i couldn’t do it without you, and i wouldn’t want to.


October 21, 2008

I have been on solo-parent duty for a few days as my husband has been out of town at some sort of boring conference. shh…don’t tell the stalkers and babysnatchers that I am home alone. those of you with children and/or overly needy dogs know how exhausting it can be to do it all on your own without the luxury of an extra set of hands, or worse yet, without an extra large bottle of wine. I overindulged in baked goods and fun-sized candy bars today to make up for the lack of alcohol, so it’s a good thing my husband is coming home tomorrow.

p.s. the pictures are coming

two down, a lifetime to go

September 30, 2008

two years ago today i stood beneath a spectacular, cloudless colorado blue sky, awash in the glow of the vibrant yellow aspen trees, and I vowed to love, honor and respect my best friend. I vowed to cheer with him when the steelers win, and give him space when they don’t. I promised to always be his number-one fan. I didn’t make any promises to watch English premiere league soccer or take part in endless discussions about fantasy football, however, so I still reserve the right to seek out “me time” on saturdays, sundays, mondays, and thursdays, particularly between the months of September and January.

we’ve been through a lot in the last two years, some days it feels more like 20. there is no one in this world I would rather spend my life with. thank you for loving me, supporting me, tolerating my insanity, spoiling me, working so hard for our family, and being the best husband and baby-daddy in the world.

he stopped at a farm stand today to buy me flowers, but the flowers sucked so he bought me some fresh peaches instead.  peaches taste way better than flowers.

don’t you just hate it when your husband says, “i think i’ll come home for lunch and then work from home the rest of the day” and you think, “sweet!  we’ll eat lunch and then the baby will go down for a nap and then we’ll go upstairs for a little, um, dessert” and then something comes up and he gets stuck at the office so you end up sitting on the couch eating ben & jerry’s straight out of the carton instead because it’s the only dessert you’re gonna get?   yeah.  me too.

waking up to find a clean kitchen is way better than being greeted by a puddle of dog puke. my husband should totally get a medal.  he should also totally get laid.

waking up to find a clean kitchen is way better than being greeted by a puddle of dog puke. my husband should totally get a medal.  he should also totally get laid.