today, i love

August 1, 2009


my daughter’s enthusiasm, especially her passion for animals

vodka limeade

pedicures with purple polish

county fairs

farmers’ markets

coffee, oh, how i love coffee

taking a walk with my daughter, she asks to hold my hand and tells me i’m her best friend

celebrity gossip magazines

bubble baths

family fun day with my husband and baby

my wonderful friends

comfortable undergarments

better yet, no undergarments

being barefoot

treadmill running while watching mindless tv


2 Responses to “today, i love”

  1. angelika05 Says:

    OMG – I died a little reading the Aves calls you her best friend. Too precious.

  2. jkmastera Says:

    I *love* when you do lists like this, but I miss your pictures. =(

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