he’s a serial lady-killer

July 14, 2009

isaac and i went on a mini-vaycay this weekend (without the kiddo!) to aspen to see rhett miller, murry hammond, and the old97s play an amazing show.  it was awesome and i’m just so glad that i actually got to see the whole show – from the edge of the stage, no less – since i’ve had less than stellar luck making it to shows past.  

the last time they came through denver (june 2008) i was on my deathbed with the worst stomach flu in the history of stomach flues so i stayed home tethered to the toilet while my husband went to the show without me.  curse him!  he came down with the flu the next day, so at least he suffered a little.  ha!  

the old97s previous visit to denver was in august 2007.  i was about 80 zillion months pregnant, but i still made it to the show.  i used my “delicate condition” to my full advantage and sweet talked my swollen, with-child self to front row center at red rocks…the row reserved for handicapped patrons.  i weighed about 175 pounds and had ankles the size of easter hams.  i definitely qualified as mobility impaired.  but prime seats don’t always guarantee an amazing concert-going experience.  rhett’s flight was delayed and he was LATE, hear me? LATE to the show.  he only performed four songs.  my pregnant ass still hasn’t forgiven me for climbing all the way to the red rocks amphitheater to sit on a stone bench for a measly four songs.  

before that, rhett came in february or march of 2006 touring with his solo album.  we saw him at the twist&shout record store where he was performing a mini acoustic set and signing autographs.  kick.  ass.  i got to meet him, get a picture with him, and got his autograph on my ipod (he claimed that he’d never been asked to sign an ipod before).   the show – at the gothic theater -was great, and went off without a hitch, if i remember correctly.  

the previous show – also at the gothic in the fall of 2005, i believe, we were the late arrivers, thanks in large part to our friends who are of the perpetually tardy variety.  they’re the kind of people who don’t think to call a cab until 10 minutes AFTER you’re supposed to be somewhere.  no matter what we’re doing, they  cause delays.  they’re delay people.  so i was quite displeased that we missed a good portion of the show, thanks only to the delays of other people.  

we have tickets to see them again this thursday in boulder, so barring any unforeseen tragedies or babysitter mishaps or locust invasions, we should be there on time, ready to dance and sing our little hearts out.  

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