if there is one thing i excel at, it’s procrastination.  i am the queen bee of slacking off.  i am a terrific list-writer; i can make a to-do list like nobody’s business.  getting through all my tasks?  well, that’s another story.  i am not kidding…i’ve had “clean out closet” on my list(s) of chores for, oh, let’s see, two years.  i am just really easily distrac…OH, look!  something shiny!

where was i?  oh yes.  to do.  

my husband will be home from work all week so i have no excuse to not get shit done.  this will be the Week of Projects.  first on the list?  massage.  then, a haircut.  maybe somewhere in there i will find time to organize the closet and scrub the toilets.  stay tuned.

today, i love

June 7, 2009

trader joe’s dark chocolate almonds with belgian chocolate, sea salt and turbinado sugar.  lots of ingredients = lots of yum

freddie mercury.  i find his flamboyance absolutely mesmerizing.

my new, almost finished basement


dreaming about living in an i house on a beach somewhere

scrabble on my iphone