my little lovebug

April 17, 2009


i look at her everyday and i am awestruck by this little creature.  she is growing up so fast and it is so much fun to watch.  she talks, and runs, and laughs nonstop.  she loves her daddy and our doggy RuRu.  she gives the most amazing hugs and sweetest kisses.  she loves to dance and spin and swing and climb.  her love for nemo is borderline obsessive.  she is never more than a few steps away from her puppy and her blankie.  she’s a great sleeper, thank god.  she’s also learning to throw a kickass tantrum, gearing up for the terrible-twos, i suppose.  sometimes i cannot believe that she’s mine and i’m hers.  i’m a lucky, lucky mama.

4 Responses to “my little lovebug”

  1. Christine Says:

    Also, she is beautiful. You can’t forget beautiful.

  2. Carmen Says:

    It’s been an emotional week for me, but this post made me cry. Our babies are growing up and it’s a love/hate thing for me. Corin is stuck somewhere between wanting to be a big girl and a baby!. *sigh* thanks for sharing.

  3. Angelika Says:

    So amazing…

    Maybe Nollie and Avery could have a “Finding Namo” date together – he loves that movie!

  4. jkmastera Says:

    Awww, what a sweet picture – Avery is getting so big!

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