on our wedding day, two and a half years ago, i vowed to cheer with my husband when the steelers win and give him space when they don’t.  

it would have been a loooooooooong and lonely night tonight if the steelers had lost the super bowl.  

to celebrate their big win, let’s take a look at my itty bitty steeler fan cheering on her favorite team last season.  awwwww.  we’ve been trying to get her to say ‘roethlisberger’ since her birth.  we haven’t had much luck with that one, but we’re still working on it. 


365 project: day 94

February 1, 2009

toilet graveyard.  you have no idea how hard it was for me to resist the turquoise blue toilet/sink/tub combination.  i wish i had a vintage-y house.  i would have bought them in a heartbeat.