365 project: day 91

January 23, 2009



thirty plus one

January 23, 2009

i’m 372 months old today.  happy birthday to me!  

so aside from celebrating a decade of legal drinking, thirty-one isn’t that big a deal.  to be honest, turning 30 wasn’t that big a deal either, probably because i insisted on referring to that birthday as “twenty-nine plus one”.  thirty has had its ups and downs, but mostly it’s been good to me.  i dealt with the funk of postpartum depression and anxiety and really began to get into the swing of motherhood.  i lost the baby weight and then some.  i drank a lot of wine, and i learned to make a killer vanilla cupcake (thanks, sarah).  i made some of the best friends i’ve ever known and for the very first time in my life felt like i was part of a really amazing group of women.  i celebrated first-birthday cake-smashings with my friends’ babies and my own.  i witnessed the election and inauguration of barack obama, our nation’s first african-american president, the first candidate who has really been able to inspire and motivate an entire generation.  i watched my baby morph from a tiny little immobile creature into a walking, talking, full-fledged human toddler.  i fell in love with my daughter a million, bazillion times over, and felt my heart explode every single time because i couldn’t possibly fit anymore love into my soul, yet somehow i manage.  

my goals for thirty-one are pretty simple: love my baby and my husband, live consciously, be present, appreciate life, show compassion, keep on breathing.  i’d also like to find more time to read books and do yoga, spend less time cleaning, and take a vacation.  also, winning the lottery would be nice, but i’m pretty darn blessed already so maybe i’ll save that goal for thirty-two.

365 project: day 90

January 23, 2009



i’ve lost track of the days again.  i don’t know what day of the 365 project i am on.  but look!  i made my baby a hat.