365 project: day 82

January 10, 2009

kerry’s shower.  she was glowing.  grow, BoGo, grow! 


365 project: day 81

January 10, 2009

my bug and her two puppies.  rudy agrees to pose for a picture but she refuses to look at the camera.  i cannot express how happy this picture makes me feel.  for a while we thought we’d have to re-home rudy (the dog, not the baby) because she has a history of The Crazy and has not always been the most well-behaved animal in the pack.  it’s not that she’s vicious or mean, though she has participated in some dirty, terrifying dogfights before, she’s just a little bit hyper and has a terrible case of selective hearing, especially when i say “sit”, “stay,” “leave it”, “don’t chase the rabbit”, or “ohmygodyoufuckingdog get your ass back over here or so help me god i am NOT going to chase you through that puddle to come get you myself.”  

when we first brought avery home from the hospital we were quite frightened about how rudy would react.  rudy was my firstborn and had been my baby for years.  she and i have been together longer than i’ve been with my husband.  the real problem is that we had another dog at the time of avery’s birth, sebastian, and the two of them didn’t always get along.  he was an old, sweet, loving great pyrenees who had outlived the expected lifespan of his breed.  rudy was a wee bit territorial around him – probably because she was trying to protect me – and there were a handful of times that her brain wiring just got frazzled and she went at him.  it was terrifying, especially when i dove off of our back patio – at 8 months pregnant – to break up a fight between the two dogs.  that was a stupid decision for many reasons; we’ll just focus on the fact that i was hugely pregnant, lying belly down in the rocks, dirt, and grass of our back yard, sticking my sweet meaty arms in between the thrashing jowls of two creatures whose instinctual reaction is to bite back when someone is biting you.  smart, no?  sebastian is no longer with us – well, he is, but he resides in his ashen form in a box – so now it’s just one dog and a baby that we have to deal with. 

we  have been understandably cautious in allowing interaction between dog and baby.  rudy has never been vicious toward humans, and her only fault is really that she is too excited when she meets new people and doesn’t understand that it’s not polite to jump up on them or stick her nose in strangers’ crotches.  but, her past reactions with dogs have been unpredictable enough to keep ourselves on high-alert when dog and baby are interacting, just in case.  lately, though, they’ve been getting along famously.  rudy will lick avery’s face, avery laughs.  rudy lets avery lie down on her belly and poke her ears and nose gently.  i do see that there is still a sense of competition.  if i am holding avery and i bend down so we can pet rudy, rudy tries to climb up in my lap too, wanting to be my number one baby.  we’re working on finding a balance between including rudy, but letting her know that her place in the pack is below avery’s so she can’t get all the same attention that avery does.  all in all, except for her extreme hyperactivity which is due to the fact that she’s 1) a lab, 2) crazy, and 3) doesn’t get enough exercise, i think she is doing extremely well being a big sister to a weird furless bipedal creature.