i know way too much about my friend's cervix, but that's okay

January 8, 2009

these are my dear friends kerry and molly, and also a large margarita with two straws.  they are too cheap to buy their own drinks so they bought one to split.  just kidding…i think they had each already had a few drinks of their own and this one was just an extra that they decided to share.  anyhow, this picture was taken before they both got knocked up and could still (publicly) consume tequila.  (what you girls do in the privacy of your own homes is your business.  i’m not going to judge you, but if your babies come out with three arms and one eye i may start pointing fingers)

molly is due to have her baby girl any day now, and i am praying for her to start having contractions RIGHT NOW! seriously, it’s time to get that baby out of there.  

kerry is pregnant with twin boys but she was admitted to the hospital today because she has a shortened cervix that could cause preterm labor.  WAY TOO EARLY.  maybe the universe got the signals messed up or something, but all those labor thoughts i was sending out were supposed to go to molly’s uterus, not kerry’s.  

so, if you have any extra thoughts and prayers laying around, if you could throw some to kerry to STOP labor, and throw some to molly to START labor, that would be awesome.  


2 Responses to “i know way too much about my friend's cervix, but that's okay”

  1. Molly Says:

    Ooooo-weee! Look at those hot girls drinking margs! Thanks for the labor juju – I need it. Its time for WeeMo to GET OUT.

  2. Kerry Says:

    Holy shit, look how skinny I was! LOL! And thanks for posting that picture, now I want a margarita! =) I also wanted to thank you for the labor juju for Molly, she can have ALL of mine, and I will just wait for a few months to meet my babies, TYVM! Thanks for posting this, Liz!

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