who has the biggest brain on drugs?

January 7, 2009

isaac and i have both become completely addicted to the facebook game “who has the biggest brain.”  currently, he does, but i’m working hard to stage a revolution and oust him from power with my giant cranium.  he is ranked #2 amongst my friends competitors, and jenna is ranked #1 but her score is totally unattainable.  i know she’s smart and all, but also maybe a bit of a cheater?  my highest all-time score is 2514, though i typically score anywhere from 2150 to 2500, which i think classifies me as a bitbot or some other sort of supergenius.  my high score today gave me a large boost and now i am sporting a pretty slick alien brain.



but i found that trying the game after taking my nightly (and, it just took me about 50 tries to type nightly) ambien cocktail was not wise.  my brainpower is significantly impaired, and my score reflects this:


i went from supercool futuristic alien brain to the brain of a club wielding neanderthal caveman creature.  i wonder if wasting time on facebook before bed qualifies as “operating heavy machinery” and is listed in the category of “do not do” while under the influence of sleeping pills.  the amnesia alone the next day should be a big red flag.  “i sent a message to WHO?  i sent a friend request to what person?!  what was i thinking?”  this is the facebook equivalent of drunk-dialing.  there should be a sort of fail-safe mechanism to prevent you from sending inappropriate and/or uncomfortable messages to boys you had a minor crush on 20 years ago, or to the girl who was the bitchy captain of the cheerleading squad who spilled her deep dark secret to a friend and then it was passed to a friend of a friend of a friend and then to you.  there’s really no reason to reconnect with them after all these years.  well, maybe to brag about my shiny genius alien brain.  but other than that, i’ll try to keep my facebook stalking to a minimum.


2 Responses to “who has the biggest brain on drugs?”

  1. ischwab Says:

    I am totally addicted to the game too! However it never fails that as soon as I start something happens to distract me or someone needs my attention. It’s driving me crazy!

  2. Megan Says:

    I have not heard of this game!! I will have to add it on FB and try it out.

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