more things i love

January 4, 2009

goodmama diapers

credit cards with zero balances


white “wifebeater” tank tops, though i hate that term

new running shoes – saucony guide, size 9 to be exact

lunges without knee pain

nalgene bottles

wooly winter hats

rosebud salve


herbacin hand cream

“dogs 101” on animal planet

picture frames in gallery groupings

books…all sorts of books

melty marshmallows floating on hot chocolate

post-it flags

oversized mugs

my new dyson vacuum (swoon!)

leisurely leafing through catalogs

chocolate brown shorty ugg boots

wooden alphabet blocks


swedish (canadian?) fish

a good night’s sleep

365 project: day 76

January 4, 2009

because wintry weather is so much more bearable with cute outerwear.  my love for northface knows no bounds.  


365 project: day 75

January 4, 2009

let’s just pretend that the last few weeks without pictures didn’t count and i’ll just pick up where i left off, mmmkay?  


can anyone tell me why my swedish fish were made in canada?  shouldn’t they be made in sweden, or should we start calling them canadian fish instead?  also, thank you, dear husband, for letting me eat the swedish fish that santa left in your stocking.  they’re delish.