365 project: day 74

December 15, 2008

that’s not an error.  the thermometer does in fact say -2….NEGATIVE! TWO! and that was in the middle of the day.  we set an all time low record temperature today at a numbing -15 degrees.  fuck me.  it’s cold.  when i win the lottery i plan on buying a house on a warm, tropical island somewhere.  i’m a misplaced beach bum who somehow ended up in the frigid rocky mountains.  most days it is absolutely beautiful here, but on days like today, when the mercury plunges to all-time lows and the cabin fever rises to pyretic levels, i dream of warm aqua water, sun-baked white sand, and palm trees swaying in the breeze.



3 Responses to “365 project: day 74”

  1. jkmastera Says:

    Dude, I know – it was COLD.

  2. Angelika Says:

    I hate living here. HATE IT with a passion.

  3. kristen Says:

    You Coloradans should thank your lucky stars that you notice -2. We see -2 ALL THE TIME. You sometimes see 72 in January. I win the pity party. So there. 🙂

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