a most regal guard

December 8, 2008

jon at blurbomat.com posted a few pictures of bear carvings he discovered in utah and it reminded me of the pics i had taken of this guy a few months ago.  he stands guard at the entrance of the walkway to my parents front porch and entry, greeting all our guests with his ever present smile.  well, i *think* he is smiling.  i know for sure that he is not growling, so that’s a start.  

my parents inherited the bear statue when they bought their home in breckenridge five years ago.  the previous owner had loved the bear and had commissioned his creation and lovingly watched over the carving process.  my parents’ realtor, known for being  a bit of a jokester, wrote the bear in as an inclusion of items to be sold with the house.  the seller didn’t read his contract carefully and whoopsy daisy!  he ended up one bear short when the deal was done.  

he still had not read through his contract when later he showed up at the house with a front loader and a crew of burly men with shovels and plans of digging and transporting and relocating the precious bear to his new home.  whooops.  stern words were exchanged.  realtors were called.  turns out the sellers agent hadn’t caught the tricky inclusion of the bear either, so my parents did in fact become its rightful owners when they purchased the house.  

i love pulling into the driveway at their house and always being greeted by the bear.  “i’m home,” he says, and after a long drive up I-70 from denver to breck  i couldn’t agree more.  





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