jesus, sneezus

December 6, 2008


i love a good sneeze, but this is getting ridiculous.  have you ever hear the term “snissing” to refer to the, ahem, loss of bladder control while sneezing? it is a common problem during pregnancy  and  i’m sad to report that it doesn’t get any better after having a baby, and i didn’t even push my baby out of my hoo-haa;  she came out the window instead of the door, if you catch my drift.  add this phenomenon to the gallons of fluids and obscene amount of vitamins i am ingesting to flush this cold out of my system and i am kicking myself in the ass – with tightly crossed legs, no less – for not doing kegel exercises while i was pregnant.


One Response to “jesus, sneezus”

  1. kristina Says:

    it is also called “peezing.” there are more badges of motherhood than i can count (insert rueful smile).

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