i am so not exciting enough to have a blog

December 5, 2008

the only productive thing around here the last few days have been my lungs. seriously. who knew that so much phlegm could come out of one person. ::hack, cough, spit…die:: i am not enjoying this cold at all. i am happy to report that i had enough energy to make a quick trip to target today, but really only because we were in desperate need of milk and dog food. and christmas decorations, apparently. damn target always sneaking little “extras” into my cart. how does that happen? my love affair with target seems to be back in full swing. i tried to stay away but it’s a hard habit to break.

the irony of this whole plague of death that i am suffering right now is that just a few days ago – before i was so violently struck down by this evil cold – is that i was contemplating “illness” versus “wellness” and making personal commitments to get myself really healthy. ain’t that just a bitch?! monday evening i was feeling fine, thinking about my plan of attack for conquering my well-being. i went to the store and bought all sorts of vitamins and healthy stuff….and then, cue the plague. i woke up tuesday morning feeling like a giant bag o’ ass that got hit by a truck, full of wheezes and sneezes and coughs and aches and voiceless fury. perhaps my body is protesting the introduction of healthy nutrients? an anti-vitamin revolt, of sorts?

it’s been a few days of whiiiiiinnnnneeeee, mommmy’s dyyyyiiiinnnnnggggg and i am still feeling like crap. thankfully my husband has been extremely helpful in taking over some of the mommy duties, even though he is not feeling well either, so i’ve been able to get some rest. i am not good at being sick. god help us all if i ever have something really bad happen to me. if i complain this much about a damn cold, can you imagine what i would be like if i were ever actually really ill?

so, yeah. i am a total bore and i haven’t taken any good pictures either (stay tuned for craptastic cameraphone pics of me in my pestilent glory!) hopefully i will start feeling better soon.


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