356 project: day 62

December 1, 2008

motherfucking doughnuts…stop taunting me!  

must.  resist.  temptation.  



4 Responses to “356 project: day 62”

  1. Ondrea Says:

    how can you resist the deliciousness that is KK???? I never can – and you know – they band together so 2 call my name at once!

  2. Kerry Says:

    Mmmmmmm, Krispy Kreme. You know Jeff and I had those delivered hot and fresh at our wedding reception, don’t you? We LOOOOOOVE KK doughnuts!

  3. Angelika Says:

    I don’t really like KK at all, but I do love donuts! Except they always seem good in theory, but then I eat one and always feel like poo after I do – too much grease and sugar. But mmmm…so tasty.

  4. ehiwv Says:

    i agree, angelika. lamar’s donuts are WAY better.

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