giving thanks

November 25, 2008

i am thankful…

for my husband

for my baby

that my husband has a job

for the roof over our head

that i am blessed to be able to stay home with my baby

for feet that can run miles

for a body in relatively good shape…wonky brain circuitry notwithstanding 

my family’s health and comfort

for my friends (sarah: for being the yin to my yang; kate: for keeping me sane and being the voice of reason; molly: for making me laugh, even if you are a texas fan; kerry: for cracking my shit up daily, even if you are a husker fan; angelika: for having the biggest heart and the sharpest tongue; rheana: for giving the best massages in the world – don’t worry, she’s a professional; lillian: for being the sweetest person i know, i miss you already; cathy: for being intelligent and outspoken)

and for my “real life friends” shannon, kristen and kristina for being soul-sisters who just “get” me, even if we live far away and don’t talk often.  i am thankful for email and facebook and blogs to be able to stay connected to you amazing women.

and my other, other real life friends….”the runners”: katie, erin, jenna. 

for treeforts

for my baby’s grandparents who spoil her and love her completely

for ambien, for zoloft, for my sanity

for my new nephew who will be coming home from korea in january (we hope!)