November 24, 2008

i am totally vain, but i dislike vanity in other people….especially other people who are really unattractive.

i judge people who give their kids stupid, made-up, misspelled names.  

people who misspell they’re, their, there, you’re, your, it’s, its, loose, and lose drive me fucking crazy. 

watching people eat fast food makes me sick to my stomach, especially when i see people stuffing their faces with it while they’re driving.  

i have a “friend” who constantly boasts about how advanced her child is.  every time she says something about her baby’s skills i think she is trying to compete with me and i can’t help but think, “well, my baby is cuter than hers” to myself. 

i wish i had a BB gun to shoot the tires on the cars of people who swerve while texting and/or talking on the phone while driving.  don’t worry, i’d make sure they wouldn’t crash into other people when i “disable” their vehicles.

i wish i could give my dog a nice, large dose of puppy-prozac everyday so she would calm the fuck down.

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