signs that your appearance could use a little attention

November 22, 2008

your friend calls at the last minute and invites you to join her for a pedicure.  you’re still unshowered and stinky from running five hours earlier.  you pull your hair back in two pigtails and a headband, and throw a hat into your purse just in case.

you say a silent “amen, hallelujah” when you get the female nail technician, not the male.

you apologize to the lady doing your pedicure for the alarming (and prickly!  ouch!) amount of stubble on your legs.

the other nail salon employee asks you pointedly if “you want eyebrow wax?”

you search for 15 minutes for the iron and cannot remember for the life of you where you put it when you moved into this house….almost 2 years ago.  you justify your wardrobe by insisting that yoga pants and t-shirts were made to be wrinkled.

all this talk about the end of the “bush era” reminds you that you could really use a bikini wax.  but let’s be honest, you’ve never had a bikini wax in your life.

you are in desperate need of a haircut, but you think, “salon, schmalon.  i have scissors.”

a few weeks ago you bought a new tube of mascara (the cheapy three-dollar kind, but still) as a treat for yourself, and also because your old tube was probably growing more cultures than a bio lab petri dish (eww, germy), yet you have still not taken it out of the packaging


One Response to “signs that your appearance could use a little attention”

  1. jkmastera Says:

    I’ll bet those women (and men) see waaay worse things than a pair of nicely toned, albeit prickly, legs. I thought you looked adorable, BTW. And thanks again for coming with me!

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