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November 22, 2008

what part of the brain goes kaput after having a kid?  i cannot remember shit these days, but i can totally remember that i forgot something.  i was ironing earlier (say wha?  ironing?  no, not actual clothes…fabric, for quilting, because i’m crafty like that) and i had all these great thoughts and creative blog posts half composed in my mind, and i didn’t write them down because i was ironing (duh) and now i cannot recall what the heck it was i was thinking about, but i remember that i was thinking something.  

it’s like this…

brain #1: blah-de-blah-doo-be-blah

brain #2:  ooh.  that’s good!  you should totally write about that!  

brain #1: you’re right!  i am so clever! 


two hours later.

brain #2: hey, other brain…what was that you were thinking about earlier?  remember?  you said something clever and i was all, “hey, you should totally write about that because you are witty and wordy and smart and stuff?” 

brain #1: huh?  oh yeah.  i remember having a thought, but i have no idea what the thought was.  hey, look!  shiny things and chocolate!  zzzzzttt.  


so what’s worse?  not remembering anything, remembering that i forgot everything, or talking to myself as if i have two distinct and disjointed thought centers in my head?


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