365 project: days 46 – 51

November 21, 2008

week in review…because i am a slacker.


me and bug at sunset, mid-november, feels like august.


“art” on the wall above my bed


downtown denver, as seen from a patio at starbucks just across the platte river and confluence park.  that tall white spindle of a bridge, visible soaring skyward through the birch trees, is where my husband asked me to marry him.  it’s not really a “landmark” of denver, but certainly one of our relationship.


old coal fueled power plant on the bank of the platte river in downtown denver.  now houses an REI flagship store and starbucks.  one of my favorite patios for sitting, sipping coffee, and staring out at the skyline of denver. 



dirty sky-rat came to snatch crumbs and beg for croissants.  we had none.  he gave us the evil eye and perched right beside us, in case we decided to change our mind and offer him some treats afterall.

dsc_0035 pre-bedtime milkies?  check.  blankie? check. puppy? check.  snuggles with daddy? check.  

time for night-night


One Response to “365 project: days 46 – 51”

  1. kpapa Says:

    love these, especially the first one.

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