epic fail

November 18, 2008

i have totally failed in my attempt to post daily photos and daily posts….i have pictures in my camera and words in my head, but it’s just been too darn nice outside to sit at my laptop.  aside from enjoying the unseasonably warm weather i’ve been tending to bloody noses (toddler + hardwood floors + running faster than 15 month old legs can carry you = disaster), scabies infected dogs (okay, she doesn’t really have scabies.  it’s just skin allergies, yet dr. google has lead my hypochondriacal mind astray once again), and drinking wine (oh, mr. coppola… your wine is an irresistible temptress).  i will get back to my bloggy responsibilities soon.


One Response to “epic fail”

  1. sarah Says:

    Again, a likely story. I want photos!

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