November 8, 2008

ahhhhh…..i’m sitting at a coffee shop with a cup of tea (which, sadly, is over-brewed and bitter) and my laptop.  alone.  after a week of solo-parenting i need this break.  i realize that millions of parents go at it alone, day in and day out, without the support of a partner.  i couldn’t do it, and it have tremendous respect for people who do.  whether it’s out of choice or necessity or just the end result of an unfortunate series of events, being a single parent must be the hardest job in the world and i pray that i never have to do it for more than about five days at a time.  i love being a stay-at-home mom, but i also love the moment when my husband walks through the door in the evening to help take over some of the parenting duties.  days always seem a lot longer when he’s out of town.  

i am extraordinarily blessed that i have the opportunity to stay at home with my daughter and be there for her every single day.  i am extraordinarily blessed that my husband and i were able to make this choice; i know that for many families it’s not even an option. 

there’s a delicate balance between venting frustrations and complaining and i use this blog to do my fair share of both, but i never want to come off as ungrateful.  my life is pretty darn good and i am always more acutely aware of the need to express my gratitude after my husband has been gone for a week.  certainly there are days when our interactions are snippy and my patience is short, but, damn, things are so much harder when he’s gone.  

so, to my dear husband, thank you for working so hard to support our family and supporting my dream of being a stay-at-home-mom.  i know you make huge sacrifices everyday, and that your job has more stresses than joys, and i don’t always do enough to show my appreciation for all you do.  thanks for bringing home the bacon, and doing it without complaint.  you are a damn good man, a fantastic husband, a kickass daddy, and an amazing partner.  i couldn’t do it without you, and i wouldn’t want to.