365 project: day 38

November 7, 2008

i have been told more than once that i’d be prettier if i smiled more.  

i have been that i can come off as standoffish or bitchy.  i’m really just kinda shy and introspective.  

i’ve also been told that i have wisdom in my eyes.  i like that compliment. 

as a child i hated my freckles.  now i don’t mind them so much. 

i used to be freakishly self-conscious about my nose, and never let anyone take my picture in profile.  i’m not that way anymore but it took $3500, one nose-job, and ten years to get to that point.  no, you cannot see a “before” picture.  



One Response to “365 project: day 38”

  1. Angelika Says:

    You don’t have a shirt on under that hoodie – do you?

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