posting because i said i would

November 6, 2008

i am still exhausted from yesterday.  i watched about 15 hours of election coverage.  i wish i could say that i am exaggerating, but it’s true. i feel ill from watching that much tv, but i can’t help myself.  i do it every time there is an election.  it’s my crack.  or my porn.  or something.

it was exhilarating and monumental and breathtaking and fall-on-your-knees incredible to see barack obama on stage and hear the words “president elect” with his name.  it has been a long time coming.  as i put my baby to bed last night i told her that the world is changing, and it is good.  she is too little to know what it means, but i will make sure that she understands the significance of this event.  

i am leaving my obama/biden lawn signs up until my republican neighbors and/or the HOA complain and force me to take them down.  hell, we still have a kerry/edwards sticker on our car and they lost; i’m riding this victory for as long as i can.  

i am heartsick to see that proposition 8 was passed in california.  it makes me ill to think that in 2008 we are still denying the civil rights of an entire group of people based on their sexual orientation.  it is senseless, and it is sick. sick. sick.  bigots make me angry.  

oh yeah, i have pictures to post too, don’t i.  crap.  i’ll do it tomorrow.  i am zapped.


2 Responses to “posting because i said i would”

  1. Kerry Says:

    I still have my Obama sign up, kife slash in it, and all. I’m proud of the way this country turned around and finally did something right!

  2. Kerry Says:

    Oh, and don’t even get me started on Prop 8.

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