365 project: days 56 – 61

November 30, 2008

i was out of town (without my laptop!) for the last week or so, here’s a weekly recap.

day 56: double trouble


day 57: escaping the madness



day 58: i taste yummy


day 59: make this car go faster, daddy!  i hate traffic jams!


day 60: buddies


day 61: streeeeetch



November 27, 2008

thanksgiving has officially kicked my ass. as an introvert i crave my alone-time, so four straight days with family has done me in. too much cooking, too much eating, not enough sleeping. the baby has had a blast with her grandparents and twin six-year-old cousins though, so I am very thankful that we have all had this time together. I need a vacation from my vacation!

365 project: day 55

November 26, 2008

my plan for the next few days….



grandma and grandpa are here, so you know what that means?  free babysitting!  i’ll be taking advantage of this opportunity to let someone else watch my baby so i can read more than three pages at a time and maybe even go on a date with my husband!

giving thanks

November 25, 2008

i am thankful…

for my husband

for my baby

that my husband has a job

for the roof over our head

that i am blessed to be able to stay home with my baby

for feet that can run miles

for a body in relatively good shape…wonky brain circuitry notwithstanding 

my family’s health and comfort

for my friends (sarah: for being the yin to my yang; kate: for keeping me sane and being the voice of reason; molly: for making me laugh, even if you are a texas fan; kerry: for cracking my shit up daily, even if you are a husker fan; angelika: for having the biggest heart and the sharpest tongue; rheana: for giving the best massages in the world – don’t worry, she’s a professional; lillian: for being the sweetest person i know, i miss you already; cathy: for being intelligent and outspoken)

and for my “real life friends” shannon, kristen and kristina for being soul-sisters who just “get” me, even if we live far away and don’t talk often.  i am thankful for email and facebook and blogs to be able to stay connected to you amazing women.

and my other, other real life friends….”the runners”: katie, erin, jenna. 

for treeforts

for my baby’s grandparents who spoil her and love her completely

for ambien, for zoloft, for my sanity

for my new nephew who will be coming home from korea in january (we hope!)


November 24, 2008

i am totally vain, but i dislike vanity in other people….especially other people who are really unattractive.

i judge people who give their kids stupid, made-up, misspelled names.  

people who misspell they’re, their, there, you’re, your, it’s, its, loose, and lose drive me fucking crazy. 

watching people eat fast food makes me sick to my stomach, especially when i see people stuffing their faces with it while they’re driving.  

i have a “friend” who constantly boasts about how advanced her child is.  every time she says something about her baby’s skills i think she is trying to compete with me and i can’t help but think, “well, my baby is cuter than hers” to myself. 

i wish i had a BB gun to shoot the tires on the cars of people who swerve while texting and/or talking on the phone while driving.  don’t worry, i’d make sure they wouldn’t crash into other people when i “disable” their vehicles.

i wish i could give my dog a nice, large dose of puppy-prozac everyday so she would calm the fuck down.

365 project: day 54

November 23, 2008

lil’ miss ellieluhoo showing off her teeth.  this is not my baby, but if i ever decide to steal a kid it will totally be this one.  


365 project: day 53

November 23, 2008

it’s hard work being a dog. 


hey guess what?!

November 23, 2008

no one is reading my blog.  well, maybe a few people are, but my readership has definitely declined.  hrmph.  half of me thinks that’s fine because i really started this blog for myself as an outlet for my thoughts, but then the other half wants to yell “HEY EVERYBODY, LOOK AT ME!” like the big ol’ attention whore that i am.

life turned upside down

November 23, 2008

i wish i could just grab the world by the ankles, turn it upside down and shake it until things fall back into  place.  i hate when friends are struggling and i can’t do anything to make it better except give advice, lend an ear, and send good thoughts out into the universe for them.

your friend calls at the last minute and invites you to join her for a pedicure.  you’re still unshowered and stinky from running five hours earlier.  you pull your hair back in two pigtails and a headband, and throw a hat into your purse just in case.

you say a silent “amen, hallelujah” when you get the female nail technician, not the male.

you apologize to the lady doing your pedicure for the alarming (and prickly!  ouch!) amount of stubble on your legs.

the other nail salon employee asks you pointedly if “you want eyebrow wax?”

you search for 15 minutes for the iron and cannot remember for the life of you where you put it when you moved into this house….almost 2 years ago.  you justify your wardrobe by insisting that yoga pants and t-shirts were made to be wrinkled.

all this talk about the end of the “bush era” reminds you that you could really use a bikini wax.  but let’s be honest, you’ve never had a bikini wax in your life.

you are in desperate need of a haircut, but you think, “salon, schmalon.  i have scissors.”

a few weeks ago you bought a new tube of mascara (the cheapy three-dollar kind, but still) as a treat for yourself, and also because your old tube was probably growing more cultures than a bio lab petri dish (eww, germy), yet you have still not taken it out of the packaging