365 project: day 30

October 30, 2008

i left my camera at home today.  i was just meeting a friend to go running; i didn’t think there would be many picture taking opportunities – really, no one wants a picture of me in running shorts – but then i saw this tree.  i snapped a quick picture with my iphone but a little camera phone picture cannot even begin to capture its beauty.  i was absolutely in awe.  this tree was stunning, almost as if a golden light was radiating off of it and turning the whole area bright yellow.  i grew up in an area without seasons, where trees don’t change colors unless they are dead or burnt.  i’ve been here for seven years and i still walk around with my mouth agape every autumn, marveling at the trees of vivid orange, red, and yellow.  the snow, however, has totally lost its appeal and i’m sure i will be cursing the change of seasons in just a few short weeks.  

One Response to “365 project: day 30”

  1. Kerry Says:

    What a gorgeous picture…look at the yellow against the bright blue sky!

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