October 28, 2008

someday i’d like to buy an old barn on a large piece of land, in northern michigan, perhaps, and rehab it into a beautiful home.  it will be my summer house, naturally, because my winter home will be on a beach in costa rica.  my weekend retreat will be a treehouse in the rainforest, hanging with the sloths and monkeys.  

someday i’d like to do something artistic.  maybe i’ll become a painter, or a real live photographer.  or maybe i’ll just spend lazy afternoons with my daughter, a bunch of crayons, and an endless roll of paper on which to scribble our dreams.

someday i’ll become a morning person.  i’ll begin my day with a bunch of sun salutations.  a wise yogi told me once that you are supposed to do a sun salutation for every one of your years, every single morning.  maybe my inner-child can take the lead on this one so i only have to do seven or eight, instead of thirty.  

someday i will be less consumed by consumerism.  i will live a simple life free from the trappings of the! lifestyle.  

someday i will be mindful and compassionate.  i will practice kindness and tolerance.  i will know peace. i’m trying to make this one happen now, and it is working, most of the time, but i have a hard time being devoutly tolerant of people who bug the crap out of me.  i have a hard time being mindful because i feel so “not in the present moment” most of the time.  i’m a work in progress


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