more nerve wracking than the SATs

October 23, 2008

i finally completed filling out my ballot….there were a few amendments i had to do some extra research about so it took me a while.  it is signed and sealed, just waiting to be delivered.  i was so nervous filling in the bubbles, taking care to mark them neatly and completely,  and then i read the submission instructions over and over to make sure i had done everything right.  now i am wondering if i need to put an extra stamp on there as if the additional $0.41 will ensure that my ballot reaches its destination, offering me the assurance that i know my vote will actually be counted.  i wasn’t this nervous taking tests in school.  this election just matters SO MUCH that i want to be sure that i do everything just right.


2 Responses to “more nerve wracking than the SATs”

  1. Megan Says:

    I heard on the news and have just searched for and found several articles that said that it costs more than a dollar to mail the ballot. I don’t know why, but I wouldn’t risk your vote!! Put three stamps on it for good measure. A dollar for Obama is a dollar for America. ; )

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