October 23, 2008

i absolutely love the ambiance application on my iphone.  i use it every night when i am going to bed to lull myself to sleep with the soothing sounds of raindrops and gentle waves.  i was scrolling through the list of options and saw, much to my surprise, that one of the sound choices is snoring.  snoring! for the love of holy monkeys!  the number-one reason i don’t sleep with my husband is because he snores like a freaking buzz saw.  maybe my <finger quotes> sleep issues </finger quotes> have something to do with our shut-eye setup, but even if i didn’t have trouble sleeping i’m sure that his snoring would certainly cause more than a few problems.  i don’t think this is an issue unique to our marriage; my dad’s ribs, bruised by the jabs from my mom’s elbows, prove that we are not the only couple whose nocturnal repose is ruined by unwanted nose noise.  i can not imagine anyone actually willingly choosing to listen to the sound of snoring as they are drifting off to sleep at night.  does anyone find the raspy nasal rumblings of a snoring partner to be soothing?  who knew?


One Response to “huh….zzzzzz”

  1. Cathy Says:

    Have you had Issac try those breatheright strips? They help DH a TON! (And the man could be the model for the horrible snoring poster.)

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