365 project: day 23

October 23, 2008

inspired by my friend ondrea who asked, “what’s in your purse?”

a sippy cup with juice in it
a chain of baby chewy ring toys
a baggy full of annie’s whole wheat bunnies 
small P&S camera
wallet (that is full of more junk)
wooden tongue depressor
three dum-dum lollipops
a pen
a used kleenex…eewww
a travel size wet-wipes 
a book by the dalai lama 
various receipts
a lowe’s coupon 
a restoration hardware coupon
a kohl’s coupon
a punchcard for the new clark’s store
a tin of rose salve lip balm
a tube of chapstick
a mac lip gloss
a cover girl lip gloss 
an empty starbucks card that my baby likes to chew on


3 Responses to “365 project: day 23”

  1. Nicole Says:

    so what;s the tongue depressor for?

  2. ehiwv Says:

    it was a “souvenir” from the pediatrician visit last week. i needed something to distract my baby as we waited, and waited, and waited for the doctor to see us

  3. kpapa Says:

    I did this too a few months back … it is so telling about a person’s life!

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