365 project: day 22

October 22, 2008

new shoes! wheeeeeee. i’m really not a shoe person – i wear flip flops about 300 days out of the year – yet somehow i have accumulated a ton of shoes, most of which are just collecting dust in my closet because they are uncomfortable or impractical.  i’ve decided that a) i need to step up my fashion game a notch so i don’t look as though i’ve just rolled out of bed every single day, and b) life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes.  so all the pinchy, uncomfortable, ill-fitting, assugly shoes are out, freeing up valuable closet space to make way for a pared-down collection of actual wearable footwear.  i know these are total “mom shoes” but i figure as long as i don’t wear them with “mom jeans” i should be okay.  also, they were totally on sale.  


6 Responses to “365 project: day 22”

  1. Nicole Says:

    those are SO cute!!! where did you get them?

  2. ehiwv Says:

    nic- i bought them at the clarks store at flatirons, but i know nordstrom had them on clearance a while back, and they are also on sale at piperlime.com. they are the privo “flow” shoes

  3. Kerry Says:

    OMG, those are adorable!!!!!

  4. Teresa Says:

    Those are too cute! I’ll have to check them out.

  5. kpapa Says:

    Very nice. Love me some new shoesies.

  6. Angelika Says:

    The Clarks store is finally open? Oh dear – this could end badly for me.

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