things i can't stand

October 18, 2008

microwave popcorn

my neighbor’s cigarette smoke infiltrating my house

ballpoint pens

undercooked eggs, fried eggs, egg yolks

men who wear too much cologne

right-wing nutjobs


religious hypocrisy


unscratchable itches

ineffective vacuum cleaners

people who drive below the speed limit


waiters/waitresses who “top off” my coffee, ruining the perfect sugar/cream/coffee ratio 

know-it-all, holier-than-thou attitudes about parenting

people who spit in public

mouth breathers

loud chewers 

chewing gum


5 Responses to “things i can't stand”

  1. Angelika Says:

    With the exception of microwave popcorn, you and I have a lot in common.

  2. Kristina Says:

    i feel the same way about eggs.

  3. Ondrea Says:

    except for the socks that is so me as well!

  4. kristen Says:

    microwave popcorn, especially the kettle corn kind, is awesome.

    socks are a necessary evil in vermont. although in the summer, i avoid them entirely.

    ballpoint pens… don’t bother me at all. BUT, now that you mention it, i remember you always using the ink ones in grad school… the ones that write all dark and kind of wet looking. what the hell are they called?

    except for all that, ditto!

  5. kristen Says:

    oh, and you can stop resisting… add “grammatical and spelling errors”. i know you hate them as much as i do!!! 😉

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