365 project: day 16

October 17, 2008

picture these three girls 30 years from now, each of them holding a glass of wine.  awww, just like their mamas.  this is my little monkey with her two best monkey friends.  i am so blessed and lucky to have these babies and their mamas in my life.  i wouldn’t have made it through the last year without them.  also, i would not have been drunk as many times if not for them, but that wouldn’t have been nearly as fun.

i’m bummed because they are all squinting looking into the sun, and it’s not the best picture i took today by far, but it’s hard to get three squirmy babies to sit still and pose for pictures.  eating dirt is much more interesting.


4 Responses to “365 project: day 16”

  1. Cathy Says:

    At least you got them to sit by the pumpkins. Owen refused to get out of the stroller!

  2. Ondrea Says:

    that is so adorable!! I love it!

  3. Sarah Says:

    Awwww…I love those little monkeys.

  4. jkmastera Says:

    Awww, look at the little punkins! The kids are cute, too.

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