putting things in perspective

October 9, 2008

i heard some awful, awful, awful, terrible, devastating news today.  a friend’s wife has cancer.  they have three beautiful babies and it just makes my heart ache to think of her not being here to watch them grow.  mamas should never get sick, ever.  if you’re the praying types, or if you could just send some healing juju into the universe for them, that would be awesome.

my baby is having a hard time falling asleep tonight.  i just went into her room to soothe her for a bit, and as i sat there rocking her, with tears streaming down my face thinking about my friend, i prayed (in my own little non-god, buddhist love-the-world sort of way) that i NEVER EVER take this for granted.  i am so blessed.  i cannot imagine getting sick and not being able to take care of my baby, or even worse, being taken away from my baby.


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