economic crisis. ohshit ohshit ohshit.  i’m instituting a household spending freeze, effective immediately.  so what if my refusal to spend money translates into a “lack of consumer confidence” and in effect causes further economic free fall?  i want money in the bank, or under my mattress, if it comes to that, even if that means that i have to cancel our cleaning lady. 

working out. why haven’t i done it lately and can i honestly count Wii Fit minutes as exercise?  i didn’t think so.  

winter is coming.  ohfuck ohfuck ohfuck.  we usually have our first snow on or around halloween.  that’s really, really way too soon.  i am not ready for slush and snow tires and boots and heating bills.  i hate winter.  

politics.  today was the deadline to register to vote here in colorado and many other states.  i hope everyone got registered, i really hope everyone votes on november 4th.  this election is way too important to ignore.  

playground etiquette.  i’ve seen the same mom and her baby at the neighborhood park a few times this week.  we’ve chatted and made small talk, she remembers my baby’s name and our daughters, who are roughly the same age, have chased each other around.  should i ask for her email?  set up a playdate?  invite her over for coffee?   i know she lives in the neighborhood (or close enough to walk to our neighborhood park) so is there some unspoken rule that we should befriend one another? 

losing my mind.  seriously, i have gotten so dumb since having a baby.  i heard all about “pregnancy brain” but i swear the “mommy brain” is way worse.  it’s a miracle that i can get myself dressed some days.  i don’t know how working moms can do it.  i would be worthless if i actually had responsibilities that required major brain power.

365 project: day 6

October 6, 2008

my 4 o’clock happy hour.  motherhood is the reason god invented wine.