i know everyone says it’s best left to experts…

October 4, 2008

…but i couldn’t help it.  i was so tired of looking at my reflection in the mirror and seeing a mousy, poop brown, straggly, lackluster mop of hair on my head.  so, i headed to target to pick up a box of dye for a little DIY.  nothing says “whooohooo” like a wild saturday night at home with a box of lady clairol.  that’s right folks, i used to go out and party, now i’m sitting at home at 7:30 coloring my hair.  yes.  from a box.  at home. times are tough, dudes, and i’d rather spend my money at a liquor store than a salon.  i was going for a darkish brown but i got more of a reddish brown; it was Feria ‘havana brown’, if you’re curious, so bienvenida a cuba, i suppose.  i tried to take a picture to document the ‘after’ but i ended up with the most heinous set of self-portraits that highlighted every single day of my 38 Wii Fit years…maybe i should have picked up a new anti-wrinkle cream while i was at target too.  but, because you’re pretty i’ll show you one anyway.  it’s like the leap year installation of my 365 project.  enjoy!

p.s. this is after a shower, no makeup, no blow drying…just me and my hippie self.  also, for the record, i am not topless in the picture, i swear. 

p.p.s.  i’m striking a pose.  do you think mama tyra would think it’s fierce? 


2 Responses to “i know everyone says it’s best left to experts…”

  1. Kerry Says:

    Raaaaar! I think it’s HOT.

  2. kristen Says:

    i love it! you look beeeeuteeeful!!!

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