365 project: day 3

October 3, 2008

okay, i know that this is not a great photo, technically speaking, but it just makes me smile.  

i had one of those days today; the kind of day where one little thing that’s not really a big deal sort of highlights a bunch of other little things that aren’t really going that well, but on any other day would be just minor annoyances, and then you sit there staring at a whole pile of things that just make you feel like a hot stinking mess of inadequacy.  yeah.  one of those kind of days.  but then my baby and my husband were playing and spinning and laughing and squealing and i realized that even on the worst of days, my hot stinking messes are pretty awesome.


One Response to “365 project: day 3”

  1. Ondrea Says:

    aw!!! such an endearing photo! I love it. sorry about your messy day.

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