365 project: day 2

October 2, 2008


confession: i didn’t even step outside the house today.  my baby was up from about 4:30am, fussing in her crib.  i realized later that she was probably cold, but did i even go into her room to check?  nope.  that “mom of the year” award must be on its way any day now.  she was cranky all day.  is it teeth?  gas?  general toddler crankitude?  who knows.  whatever it is, i hope it doesn’t last long.

my picture-taking opportunities in the house are somewhat limited, but i snapped a quick picture (with my little point-and-shoot camera) during the VP debate.

i don’t want a pageant princess or hockey mom as our vice president.  i don’t want someone who can simply memorize a list of facts and pretend that she knows about foreign policy and our current economic crisis.  i want a candidate who has experience, who has a working knowledge of the constitution as it applies to 2008, who can identify a single landmark supreme court decision to which she is opposed, who doesn’t believe that dinosaurs roamed the earth 4000 years ago, who believes in a woman’s right to choose, and who doesn’t hunt animals for sport with high powered rifles.  i want someone who can respond to journalists’ questions with intelligent, factual answers instead of giving “shout outs” and “you betchas”.  i want someone who doesn’t lower the expectations of american political candidates. 

ignorance is not good.