my new project

October 1, 2008

if you were to ask me what i am really, really good at, i would have to admit that i excel at never finishing what i’ve started, which really isn’t something to be proud of.  i have dozens of half-finished projects and well-intentioned yet never-maintained hobbies scattered all over this house.  i often get a wild hair to start something, dive in with both feet and then get distracted and move on to something else, leaving a trail of books, craft supplies, and abandoned masterpieces in my wake.  this doesn’t apply only to crafts, but also ideas, exercise regimens, diets….you name it.  i am just not good at commitment and follow-through.  i don’t have the focus and motivation to stick with anything for that long, but i am taking on a new challenge to see if i can make a change.  

ladies and gentlemen, i am committing to project 365, chronicling my life through a picture a day.  i am hoping that this project will help me focus on the little things in life and find joy every day.  i am also hoping that it will help me focus and will challenge me in ways that have fallen by the wayside since trading my career in for motherhood.  i am really hoping that it will help me learn more about my camera and photography and will help me improve my skillz as a picture-taking-type person.  

who knows.  i may abandon this foolish attempt by mid-october.  i invite you all to nag me lovingly to stick with it…lord knows i need the pressure of external motivation to get anything done in my life.  i hope to have Day 1 up by this evening.  stay tuned….


3 Responses to “my new project”

  1. kpapa Says:

    I’ll nag you if you nag me back. I too have commitment issues re: exercise (running on a regular basis), hobbies (knitting, anyone?), and well, pretty much everything. This will be good for us!

  2. Teresa Says:

    Great idea!

  3. kristen Says:

    I am the MASTER of not following through. I can’t help you. But I hope you do it! 🙂

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