random things i am thinking about right now

September 30, 2008

i love flossing my teeth.  the sensation rivals that achieved by a good clean swipe of a q-tip in the ear.  both? pure sensory heaven for me.  

i am thinking about trying a neti pot for my allergy/sinus related issues.  people have been telling me for years to use one but the thought using a nose-douche skeeves me out and frankly i fear that it will feel like drowning, but i am sick of stuffed up sinuses and ears so i figure it’s worth a shot.

i have a hard time believing that my Wii fit age is 37 when i am just shy of being 31, and a relatively fit and healthy 31 at that. also, it told me that i am a “yoga novice.”  clearly my Wii fit is a liar, except when it told me that i have a normal BMI…i accept that evaluation.  it also told my husband that his Wii fit age is 50!  ha!  i can’t see this turning into a little competition or anything….nope.  not at all.  

my husband and i should really write a book about dorks in love.  as i came to the bottom of the stairs and illuminated my iphone screen to help guide my way up the treacherous 6 steps to the top of the landing, i saw that my husband was standing on the landing with his Blackberry held aloft to light my path and guided me the rest of the way upstairs.  aaah, my torchbearer.  two years into this marriage and he still finds new ways to surprise me with his chivalry.  

i’ve got a new project i’m diving into tomorrow.  more details forthcoming

in keeping with the loose thematic thread of health and the cleaning out of body goo, i am thinking about starting a cleanse of some sort.  i don’t know what, yet, but i know that i have to do something about my digestion.  when the following conversation takes place in your living room more than once, you know it’s time.   

ME: dude, i wouldn’t walk over that way if i were you  <circling my arms to indicate large area of toxic fumes radiating around me.  circling of arms probably counter productive as they served to waft the offensive fumes all around the room>

HUSBAND:  dude?!  you fart like a man!  ugh!  <runs and covers nose with shirt>

ME:  yes, but you married me anyway, remember?  happy anniversary!  

and there you have my confession, folks.  i’m kinda gassy.  i hope it’s not lactose intolerance because cheese and ice cream are two of my best friends.  i’d be sad to see them go. 

i’m trying really really super really hard to break a “habit” that i’ve had for a long, long time.  it’s not really a habit as much as it is a DSM diagnosed mental health “quirk” that makes me the unique creature i am today, but i’m ready for it to be gone.  i’m trying to stay positive and say “YES!  i can do this” but i don’t know that i really can.  i’ve tried many times over the years to fix it, but part of me doesn’t even know i want this “quirk” to go away.  part of me likes this “quirk”, but i know that there will be benefits and rewards to being “quirk-free”

time for bed.  i hope i sleep well.


2 Responses to “random things i am thinking about right now”

  1. Nicole Says:

    my husband tried the sinus rinse….not the nettie pot but the squeeze bottle. he loved it. you get used to the feeling and he says it feels really great. and tons of gross boogers come out. he used to do it each night before he went to bed. you can buy the squeeze bottle kit and the salt packages at walgreens and what have you. and its only like 10 bucks so worth a try!!!

  2. kristen Says:

    I thought I was the only one who used the glow of the BlackBerry to get around the house in the dark. I am so validated. Thank you. 🙂

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