up next: fire and brimstone

September 26, 2008

::zzzztttt  ppppfffffff::

that’s the sound of my brain shutting off.  it’s a matter of self-preservation at this point.  i can’t watch the news, i can’t think about politics, i can’t listen to one more word about wall street and the economy and trillion-dollar bailouts, and OHMYGOD if i have to hear another word out of sarah palin’s mouth i am going to reach through the tv and grab her fucking rifle and whack her over the head with it.  

it’s all just too much.

we are fortunate, though.  my husband has a job.  i have an education, so if push came to shove i could get a job.  we have a lovely, comfortable home.  we are not saddled with mountains of “bad” debt (let’s all agree that student loans are “good” debt, okay?), we have health insurance (unlike 46 million of my fellow americans – let’s talk about that for a second, senator mccain).

i care about politics, i care passionately about this election.  i am scared to think about what could happen if the republicans continue to control the white house.  i am terrified to imagine my daughter growing up in a country where women don’t have the right to choose, where she will not get a decent education, where human rights and civil liberties no longer exist.  

i urge every single person in this country to register AND vote.  study the candidates, study the issues, determine what is important to you and to the future of this country.  as a woman, as a mother, as an american, and as a human, i truly believe that the future is in OUR hands.  

if you hear me screaming at the tv during the debate tonight, please bring wine.


One Response to “up next: fire and brimstone”

  1. Kerry Says:

    Student loans are “good debt”? Suh-weet! Amen to every word you said re: politics.

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