happy almost birthday, bug

August 20, 2008

my baby will be one-year old on friday.  that just blows my mind.  how is it possible that a year has passed already?  i’m trying to think of a way to put into words just how amazing and transformational and challenging and awesome the past year has been, but nothing i come up with can even begin to describe the journey (ack! i hate that word; it is totally cliché and bachelor-ish) of the first year of parenthood.  so, in celebration of my baby’s first birthday…a slideshow of her greatest moments. (yes, i’m just another mommy blubbering about her baby’s growth in a slideshow.  as if that’s not cliché.)


5 Responses to “happy almost birthday, bug”

  1. Molly Says:

    Aww I love it! What a cutie patootie she’s growing up to be!

  2. Teresa Says:

    She’s adorable. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Angelika Says:

    I honestly can’t believe that she is already turning one.

    I also can’t believe I have to miss her birthday party because I will be on the plane of doom.

  4. jkmastera Says:

    Holy tears, Batman (thanks hormones). That was so.freakin.cool, Liz. Seriously.

  5. HuskerLissa Says:

    Liz, that is awesome!

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