diagnosis: self-absorbed worrywart SAHM with post-nasal drip

August 19, 2008

i don’t know if that’s an official medical diagnosis, but basically that’s what the sleep specialist told me today. he agreed that i have a mutlifactorial sleep disorder that is predominantly psychophysiological in nature, and that i am probably part of the “hyperaroused” population who will always have difficulty with sleep, and that i need to lower my expectations for myself.  in other words, he didn’t tell me anything i didn’t already know.  also, he was a total douche.  he actually told me that i should “go to one of those fancy boulder gyms with nice daycare and workout and sip my chai tea” because i need to work out more and have more “me time.” he also basically said that i should probably hire a nanny and go back to work because i’m not being challenged enough and spend too much time focusing on my anxiety. and then he mocked my diaper bag (which is really just a big tote bag) and called it a “boulder mom diaper bag”. he did say that i should continue taking ambien and ambien CR and that i should also take nasonex for my allergies.  so, YAY, for more drugs.


4 Responses to “diagnosis: self-absorbed worrywart SAHM with post-nasal drip”

  1. Chrissy Says:

    What a jerk. I am sorry that he was a total ass to you, and really didn’t give you any answers. Boo!

  2. jkmastera Says:

    That is sucky. What a jerkoff. I’m sorry buddy, I was hoping you would get some “answers”.

  3. Noell Says:

    Ummmm…screw off! That’s exactly what I’d tell that quack! Sorry he was so rude to you! For what it’s worth…I think your diaper bag is really cool (and I’m not one of *those* Boulder moms!).

  4. angelika05 Says:

    I would have smeared some of my post-nasal drip on him.

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