i've never…

August 18, 2008

eaten lobster

had a bikini wax

been to an opera

relished the limelight

crossed the atlantic

seen “the breakfast club”

liked tequila

had a margarita

been in a street fight

been good at conquering my fears

exhibited much self-control

met a cookie i didn’t like

understood the fascination with certain celebrities.  hello?  beyonce?

been able to figure out why people are obsessed with sushi

owned an american car

planted a garden

imagined that i could love anyone as much as i love my daughter

been good at telling a story

fully believed in myself

met anyone as smart as my husband…besides myself, of course

been good at giving directions

gone skinny dipping in the ocean

stopped dreaming of living a simple life on the beach

thrown up on a rollercoaster

understood why people voted for bush….twice

known why anyone would want a snake for a pet

understood how people can deny the existence of evolution

smoked a cigarette

balanced my checkbook

enjoyed public speaking

donated blood

answered calls from “unknown” numbers

understood why some people have entire stuffed animal collections in the back window of their cars

felt confident around groups of teenagers…even as an adult

figured out what i want to be when i grow up


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