August 17, 2008

i never really considered myself to be superstitious until i had a child, but now?  totally.  not in the “oh shit! a black cat just crossed my path” sort of way, but more in the “i dare not even think about her taking a better-than-normal nap or she will wake up the minute the thought crosses my mind” sort of way.  for the last few months i’ve been so breezy and boastful about my awesome baby and her awesome sleep habits.  two naps a day!  twelve hours at night!  no night wakings!  amazing!  and then….

the last 36 hours have been absolutely craptacular.  i feel like i jinxed myself by even daring to mention how great of a sleeper she has been lately.  she refused to nap yesterday afternoon.  “no problem,” i thought, “she’ll sleep great at night,” and then at bedtime she fussed and cried and ohmygod, the hysterics!  in  her defense, we were in a strange location, and there was a thunderstorm, and she was sleeping in her pack n’ play in the closet (but it was a huge walk-in closet, don’t look at me like that).  her nap this morning was more of a snooze – a brief 30 minutes in the car – and then she refused to nap this afternoon and has been a total bear of a baby.  not the tiny, cute, cuddly kind of bear that i want to snuggle and share blackberries with;  she’s been a growly, snarly, irritable, fussy kind of bear.  the kind of bear that i don’t like to be around.  i just put her down for the night…cross your fingers that she sleeps well and wakes up in a better mood tomorrow.


One Response to “jinxed”

  1. Chrissy Says:

    I so feel your pain…just when you think you are set they throw you for a gigantic loop! Could she be teething?

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