save the drama

August 16, 2008

so, yes, I was being a total crybaby yesterday about traveling with anxiety, boo hoo, poor me. we made it to the mountains with no problem, and i only made a few minor gouges in the dashboard with my fingernails as i clenched my white-knuckled fists, praying hail mary as we careened down the hills on I-70 through the rain and snow – snow! in august! – racing against the setting sun and my daughter’s bedtime to arrive at our destination with most of our sanity still intact. or at least as intact as it ever is.

my friends’ home is gorgeous, set on 60 acres of the most pristine land Colorado has to offer. we were greeted by two bull elk and a group of beautiful deer when we arrived on the property, and then my friend escorted me to our suite where a king-sized bed and five-nozzled steam shower awaited. I ended up sleeping on the couch, but whatev.

now I need to go pretty myself up for dinner (read: swap my pajama pants for a pair of jeans and try to rake a comb through my hair), take my camera out and try to capture the beauty of this scenery, and pour myself a glass of wine.


One Response to “save the drama”

  1. Angelika Says:

    I am so glad you went!!!! Hooray! I hope I can mimic some of your bravery and get on that plane next Saturday.

    We should travel together sometime – what a hoot that would be! 😛

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