this would be a whole lot less funny if it didn’t look like a third nipple

August 6, 2008

ever since an unfortunate incident about four years ago in which i was the targeted victim of a calculated wasp attack (swarming wasps! 11 stings! crazy swelling! unbearable itching! infected wounds!), i’ve had a bad reaction to bug bites.  i was bitten by something yesterday – perhaps it was just a mosquito, i’m thinking it was more along the lines of vampire or rabid bat – while out walking.  today the bite is swollen and red, about 2 inches in diameter, with a rock hard knot under the skin at the point of entry.  it’s midway between my shoulder and right breast, just in front of my armpit.  as much as i am tempted to take a picture of it, i’ll spare you the gory details.


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