debbie downer needs to turn her frown upside down

July 24, 2008

have you ever looked in the mirror and said to yourself, “gosh, i really need a facial” and then thought, “wow, are my clogged pores really the biggest worry i have right now?  i need to chill the fuck out.”  i know that i am an anxious person, and some days i worry just about worrying – because apparently i need something to worry about all the time – but really i have a very blessed life.  my baby is healthy, we have enough money to pay all our bills every month, we have a very comfortable home, i have great friends; honestly there is not much to complain about, and yet i often have to make a very conscious effort to relax and breathe and just find my little happy place.  the other day, after reading this blog, a friend asked me if i was sad.  i’m not, really.  i guess i’m just a bit of a whiner.


One Response to “debbie downer needs to turn her frown upside down”

  1. jkmastera Says:

    Don’t worry, buddy – I’ll be a Debbie Downer with you. But only for about 6 more days…

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